NYSAVSA President's Award

Award Recipients


Amy McAden


Jeanne Carangelo, BS, CAVS


Susan McNeil


Doug DellaPietra


Kathleen Donnelly


Mimi Makovitzky-Feinstein


Evelyn Ramos


Julie Chrysler


Maria Burns


Kaye Derman


Bonnie Klima-Olsen


Sue Warwick


Louise Criticos

History of The President’s Award

In 2005, under the leadership of then President, Louise Criticos, the idea was suggested to establish a prestigious professional award whereby NYSAVSA members could recognize an outstanding peer. Two board members, Maria Burns and Amy McAden, initiated the groundwork for the development of this concept.

In 2006, newly-elected President, Kathy Leonard, appointed honorary member, Kay Kantorowski, to chair the committee that would eventually lead the concept to fruition. The committee consisted of two honorary members, Richard Heim and Lynne Perry, and, with input from Kathy Leonard and Maria Burns, the fine points of the award concept (nomination criteria, application and notification processes, appearance and inscription of the actual award) were established.

We are pleased to announce that the first “NYSAVSA President’s Award for Professional Excellence” was presented at our annual professional development conference in Binghamton, NY in June, 2007 and every year since.


To recognize an individual who has demonstrated consistent leadership and service to NYSAVSA.


The nominee must be an active member, having held full membership in NYSAVSA for a minimum of five (5) years, and having actively participated in the organization. An active member will remain eligible, despite having left the organization, for any reason, during the present or preceding program year.

Selection Criteria

  • Development of innovative program(s)
  • Authorship
  • Presenter
  • Research
  • Mentor
  • Activities in local, regional and/or national organizations
  • Acceptance of leadership roles

Nomination Process

NYSAVSA members holding full membership in the association may nominate an individual, but individuals may not nominate themselves
Individuals may receive the award one time only, but may be nominated again if not selected
The nominator must submit a completed application to the award committee by the established deadline


The award will be presented at the annual conference by the presiding society President. Recipient will be notified by phone and/or letter with additional correspondences sent to the recipient’s supervisor, the CEO, and a press release to the Marketing Department of the institution.

Selection Committee

  • Appointed by the President
  • Five (5) members
  • Initial committee comprised of three Honorary Members. Subsequent committees include up to (2) recipients (past Awardees) and an Honorary Member.
  • AWARD: A Tiffany Pewter Tray to be inscribed with date, name and logo not to exceed $200.00 – No cash prize will be awarded


Financial aid will be given as necessary in order for the recipient to attend the Annual Meeting

Application Deadlines

  • February 15 – or two weeks before the Spring NYSAVSA Board Meeting
  • By Spring NYSAVSA Board Meeting: nominees reviewed and Awardee selected by Selection Committee. Awardee name announced at Board meeting.
  • Awardee notified immediately after announcement at Spring NYSAVSA Board Meeting either in person (if present at the Spring Board meeting), by phone or by letter from the Selection Committee Chair.
  • By April 1 – Other nominees not selected are notified and congratulated by letter
  • By May 1 – Notification to recipient’s organization’s CEO)